What is the biggest reason our customers want a finished basement? They want more living space. In a basement, you can have plenty of living space and still have room for storage, canned goods, and even a workshop! It’s all about how you plan out the space. But for the most part, we refinish basements for recreation and entertaining. Remodeling your basement will add square footage and can really increase the value of your home. Below is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can transform your basement into!


Family Basement Media Room


1)   Man/Woman Cave:

Think of all the time you can spend at your very own home tavern/pub/bar. It can be a great way to express yourself. Decorate it any way you’d like. Think bar signs, pool table, pinball machine, big screen TV, pub tables, mini fridge, and of course, a bar! Half the fun is designing while the other half is enjoying it!


2)   Home Theater

We’ve all seen those shows on TV where celebrities show off their million dollar mansions. 99% of the time they have a home theater! Projectors and screens have come down a lot in price since they were first introduced. Everything is digital so the quality of sound and video is spectacular.


3)   Kids Playroom

With all the toys that seem to gather and get forgotten in storage bins in the attic, why not give the kids a nice big open space to play with ALL of their toys?! Not to mention our basements have a habit of dampening sound — so they can play with some of those noisier toys without driving you crazy. It’s a great way to keep the main floor of your house less cluttered — so when unexpected guests drop by you can just shut the basement door.


4)   Craft Room

There’s been a resurgence of at home hobbies like sewing, quilting, painting, scrapbooking, etc. It’s great to have some friends over and have the space to create some memories.


5)   Home Office

Our basement wall system absorbs 92% of sound, creating a perfect quiet space to get some work done! That means an instant transformation from a dim unfinished basement to a bright, warm, comfortable and beautiful living area designed for your enjoyment. And in as little as two weeks!